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Our tutors are highly qualified. They major in mathematics, biochemistry, engineering, finance, computer science and other quantitative disciplines in their undergraduate and/or graduate studies in major Canadian Universities with excellent academic standings.


Our experienced instructors have always been able to ensure their students achieve outstanding performance in school.


We closely follow, but never limited to, the curricula set by the Ministry of Education of Ontario in order to fully prepare our students for the upcoming advanced courses they will be taking in university in the future.


We emphasize on exploring individual student’s strengths and weaknesses by understanding their unique personality type, intellectual ability as well as their academic background.


Our fees are reasonable! The fees of our tutoring classes are much lower than if the student were to attend private school, yet we offer you a higher guarantee for being able to enter your desired university program.

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Best Tutors

Our tutors have years of tutoring experience. Some of them hold Master’s Degrees in Mathematics/Science/Business or related subjects, while other tutors have been tutoring for more than 8 years.

Our experienced and professional tutors will guarantee your children get flying scores in school and find learning math fun at the same time.

Not only many tutoring companies arrange larger classes which makes tutoring less effective, their approach, is simply, bad. Their tutors will cover the school materials in a standard manner and then give students supplementary exercises to practice. However, most students already have homework from their day schools which they have trouble understanding dome of the concepts and are not able to do a few homework questions. This is where they mainly need help with.  In those typical tutoring classes, the tutors cannot answer individual students’ questions they got from their day schools, simply because the tutors do not have time for that. Moreover, the students are from various different schools and each teacher of each day school has slightly different focus as well as teaching style which the tutors are sometimes confused themselves as they are not well trained for that.

We offer very small group tutoring. Our tutors will address individual students’ schoolwork. Of course, we have ample supplementary exercise questions of different difficulty levels for our students, we will first make sure they complete and can fully understand the homework assigned by their day schools’ teachers.

We have many years of tutoring experience and we know fully well how differently the courses are taught at different schools. We even know about some of the current school teachers and their teaching styles, marking schemes as well as their past test papers.

Some tutoring companies just do not hire the right tutors. For students going to those larger tutoring classes, the tutors are usually not very knowledgeable. They are given standard handouts, questions with solutions provided by the tutoring companies and they will mechanically go through them with the students. If students have questions outside those standard questions (e.g. from their day schools or elsewhere), chances are the tutors will not know how to solve those, not to mention they usually will not have time for those anyway.

Our tutors were thoroughly tested in our interviews and they made sure they possess exceptional knowledge in all subjects they tutor. We also give them additional resources such as common test questions, challenging questions that students will likely face in their courses and exam writing technique that that they can teach our students. As for in-home tutoring, some tutoring companies despite charging a lot more, still do not get the right tutors. They will give you tutors who they may be experts in the subjects they tutor but have no idea how to explain those complicated theories to their confused students in a way that they will understand. In addition, they may talk with heavy accents, or are totally not familiar with our Ontario curriculum, or both. As for our tutors, they went through a strict screening and scored well on our comprehensive tests and finally a 2-stages of a total of 3 hours interview process before they are hired. We also give them sufficient trainings and coaching before they will tutor their first student. Feedbacks from students and parents have been very positive.

Our tutors are also decently paid. Only tutors who know how to teach, and are also passionate about teaching, can motivate our students to learn.

We are not a Franchise. Tutoring is not a product like coffee or a fast-food chain that once you have created a perfect formula for your drinks or burgers and then you can set up 10+ stores selling the same duplicated products.

The right way to design our tutoring lessons, the right approach we teach our students, the right tutors we selected and the right way we train them are the keys to our success. Many tutoring companies operate in franchise and it is impossible to guarantee each individual franchisee could main the same high quality of tutoring.

Our Program Director, as one of the founders of MathClinic-plus Tutoring, entered the tutoring business in the year 2000. Throughout the past 18 years, he has gained tremendous tutoring experience, which includes training many top-class students for national math competitions awards and helping failing students to get very decent final grades. He has also faced students with special needs, including but not limited to, students with ADD, ADHD, ASD, Dyslexia, as well as other types of LD. He fully knows what makes a good tutor, and therefore he is always the one who interviews tutor applicants and determine which tutors are to be hired. Trainings are jointly designed and carried out by our Program Director and Assistant Program Director. Our Assistant Program Director joined our company in 2013, and he had at least 2 years of tutoring experience prior to joining our team. He has a solid understanding in the ways courses are taught in various different schools across Toronto and York region. While our program director focuses on training our tutors in the right teaching approach and technique, exploring individual students’ potential and locating their weaknesses, as well as how to best handle different students in different situations, our assistant program director will focus on the actual materials that will be covered in each course, and exam writing technique. Only the best people are selected as tutors and the best trainings are given to them that we can provide the highest guarantee to our tutoring quality.

In addition, we hold periodic meetings that our management including the program director and assistant program director, will meet with our tutors, and discuss about our students’ progresses. We will make sure all of our students are making good improvements, that both the students and parents are happy about our tutoring services, i.e. everything is on the right track.

Tutoring Session
Laughing Students Studying
Row of Books
School Before Tutoring After Tutoring
A Y Jackson Secondary School 63% 92%
Alexander MacKenzie High School 73% 91%
Agincourt Collegiate Institute 66% 89%
Bayview Glen School 45% 86%
Bayview Secondary School 59% 75%
Bloor Collegiate Institute 44% 77%
Bur Oak Secondary School 69% 88%
Crescent School 77% 93%
Don Mills Collegiate Institute 81% 95%
Earl Haig Secondary School 71% 92%
Etobicoke School of the Arts 91% 97%
Havergal College 84% 91%
Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute 39% 77%
Markham District High School 69% 90%
Markville Secondary School 79% 91%
Northview Heights Secondary School 85% 90%
Richmond Green Secondary School 36% 67%
Richmond Hill High School 79% 87%
Thornlea Secondary School 62% 81%
Toronto French School 81% 96%
Unionville High School 21% 59%
University of Toronto Schools 59% 88%
William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate Institute 77% 94%
York Mills Collegiate Institute 60% 90%

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