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From home tutoring to in class tutoring

We provide individual/group tutoring sessions in Mathematics, Science and Business subjects to students from Grade 4 up to University level.

1-on-1 Tutoring

For 1-on-1 tutoring, the tutor can focus on looking after one student at one time. This is the most effective way of tutoring and is usually intended for students who have been struggling in schools and need more attentive support. Class size is continuously getting bigger and school teachers do not have the time and recourses to take care of individual students. Our tutors will develop a customized plan for each individual student, based on their backgrounds, their own strengths and weaknesses, and the particular schools they are attending. We believe this could bring about the best results for our students. (Please see our testimonial page)

Home Tutoring

Yes, we can send tutors to your home!  Most tutoring schools that have a tutoring centre or many even having multiple tutoring centres across GTA do not provide in-home tutoring. For students who find it not convenient to travel all the way to our centre, our tutors can come to your home. Our tutors’ schedules are flexible that they can tutor at your home right after you finish your school or after you finish your dinner. Our tutors also work on weekends. If you prefer to have tutoring sessions on Saturday mornings, or Sunday afternoons or evenings, talk to us and we can arrange. We also work on public holidays, especially if you have a test to write the following day. Sometimes tutoring at home may not be too convenient for some students, and our tutors can also tutor in public libraries or in a café. And of course, you are going to be tutored by the same tutor every time. Some tutoring companies will give students different tutors (whoever available) each time they have a session. We believe this is never the best arrangement. Each student will be appointed the tutor that we believe to be the best fit, and that tutor will take care of the student for the rest of his/her academic year and possibly in the future years.

Small Group Tutoring

Small Group Tutoring sessions can be effective. One condition, however, is that the group has to be “small”. A class of more than 5-6 students will not benefit students. It will only make them work unnecessarily longer with little or no improvement and make them less interested in the subjects. We have group of 2-4 students work together in small groups. This setting has been proven to be successful as students interact with each other and they are always more motivated to learn. Small group tutoring is a less costly and is particularly suitable for students who does not enjoy the school subjects possibly due to unpleasant learning experience in the past.


We have two tutoring centres, one located in North York and one in Richmond Hill.  While some students find it more convenient to receive tutoring help at their own homes, others may prefer to come to our centre for their tutoring sessions. There are sometimes more distractions at home, and students could concentrate better when working with our tutors in our centres.

After-School Help (available in Richmond Hill centre only)

Students can come to us to study or to do their homework after school. The advantage over studying at home or in the library is that we have tutors to help students with their homework and study and possibly school projects, essays and ISU etc. If, say, the student finishes school at 3pm, they can come to our centre and do his homework, write his essay or study for his test with the help of our tutors at a very low cost. They can focus better, learn better, and improve better.

Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring primarily aims for students who live rather far away from our centres that even sending tutors to their homes are not practically possible. We do not want any student to be left out and now with our newest online tutoring feature, students can receive tutoring help anytime, anywhere.  It is a new a new program that we launch early this year and feedbacks have been very positive. Not only we give detailed explanations in the form of writings, graphs, audios and videos for general math and science concepts, we also offer customized step-by-step solutions to homework or assignment questions that student may have. Students only need to subscribe to a very reasonable monthly fees and they can almost ask as many questions as they want (plus other features). Online Tutoring also complements current students who opts for our traditional tutoring sessions at our centres or at their homes, and they can subscribe to this service at a further discounted fee.


Tutoring Sessions No. of Student(s) Rates
In-Home Tutoring 1 $50-68*
Tutoring-at-Centre 1 $43-56*
2 $43-56*
3 $25-29*
4 $20-25*

Promotional rate could be lower once a while, please check with us for more details*
* Above hourly rates are discounted rates for a standard 8-hours package.

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