Frequently Asked Questions

We do charge the same rate / package for the same grade of any subject. Each one of our tutors are able to tutor in Math plus one or more subjects. The hours will go toward the same package under the same tutor or another tutor; thus, there is only one package to be purchased with our company at once. It is just such convenient unlike other company to have multiple tutors for one student and some of them are not even available when you need them. Some of us could tutor any math/science/business courses from Grade 9 up to second year university level. That said, your children could be able to stay with the same tutors for a longer time period, and not experience the switches from one tutor to another one. The longest period a student with us is 9 years and counting.

Please simply let us know the change, we will commit to your availability. Our schedule is flexible according to yours. We do tutor 7 days a week including evenings and public holidays. Let’s say if you want to reschedule for some of the regular session, it is always arrangeable for another session or additional session(s).

We are professionally trained tutors only are here to reinforce students’ foundation, clarify their concepts, and answer their questions with full understanding.

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