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When you think about math what comes to your mind first? Addition? Subtraction? Circumferences? Parabolas? You would be correct if you said that! But math is more than thinking in fixed definitions. Math is a cohesive subject where logic, quantity, shapes, and arrangements all come together to help us solve problems on both large and small scales. Math is not isolated! Math is all around us. The beauty of math is that it can help us find solutions to problems using integrated topics. That is why math generally has no one accepted definition. Topics such as quantity, structure, space, and change, can all have independent problems and solutions, or they can all be combined to figure out very complex problems. The allure of math is that, it is one of the main fabrics of society that helps us understand our place in the world and universe.

Our math tutors and courses are available all across Toronto, including North York, Markham and Richmond hill. Contact us and we will select the most suitable math tutoring for you!

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WE ARE OPEN! We are happy to continue providing our VIRTUAL One-on-One and Small Group Tutoring Sessions to ensure the success of our students amidst school closures. These sessions are currently being offered discounted rates.