With most students finishing their fall semesters in college and university, many students are looking forward to relaxing on their downtime. The holidays present students and faculty a great opportunity to take some time to spend with their close friends and family. After intense fall semesters, this is a much needed break for most students. How can students remain productive during their time off? In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the best study habits students can consider over the break in order to start the winter semester in the right academic mindset. 

Study habits can make or break a student’s academic experience. For students who are in their first year of studies, this is a great opportunity to learn new study habits to exercise for the rest of your academic career. Making these habits a priority to familiarize yourself with over the holidays will set you up for success in the coming semesters! 

MathClinic-plus’ Top Study Habits

  1. Make Sure to Track Deadlines

    The first major study habit to take into consideration over the holidays is how you are tracking deadlines for multiple courses and projects. It is important to always be aware of what classes have deadlines and when. This allows students to ensure they have adequate amounts of time to actually meet these deadlines without having to cram at the last minute! Not only does cramming add unnecessary stress, it also diminishes the overall quality of the work you do. A great way to keep track of deadlines is to utilize a calendar of your preference, whether it be a physical one or an application on your phone.

  2. Create Your Own Work and Study Schedule

    By creating your own work and study schedule, students can ensure they have enough time to complete whatever tasks they may have for the successful completion of a test or assignment. This habit ties into our first tip, to track your deadlines closely. Having your own work and study schedule that you adhere to allows you to make sure that you are setting aside enough time to actually complete everything, rather than hoping you have enough time whenever you decide to start each task.

  3. Share Resources With Your Peers

    Another great study habit to have is to utilize your peers and share information with them. Having a group of friends in a course is a great way to keep on top of your deliverables, as they will also be shared by your classmates. Sharing notes, tips and other knowledge is a great way to learn and reinforce the knowledge you may already have!

  4. Seek External Help

    While all of these tips can ensure you are organized and on track for success, some concepts are not easily absorbed by all students. If a student is still struggling to grasp course content, it is advisable that they seek extra help. A great way of doing this is to contact your professor or instructor for extra clarification or resources. If this does not work, another great way to seek help is through external sources, such as a tutoring program!

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