Mobile applications allow users to engage with various content accessible from the palm of their hands. At MathClinic-plus, we have put together a list of our favorite apps with educational value!

  1. Word of the day | App Store | Google Play

    Word of the day allows users to receive notifications every day with a new word and its definition.  This vocabulary expanding app allows you to collect words, view synonyms, play word search challenges and even offers audible pronunciations of words in different versions of English!

  2. My Study Life | App Store | Google Play

    My Study Life is a free application that allows users to manage their study schedules. It allows you to track your classes, exams and assignments. The app is intended for use by both teachers and parents!  Users are able to get notifications for upcoming classes and unfished work to stay organized.

  3. Slideshow Creator | App Store

    Animoto’s Slideshow Creator allows users to easily create slideshows in the palm of their hand. This allows users to select slideshow styles, add text and even share their presentations on social platforms. The app also offers licensed music as well as templates.

  4. TED | App Store | Google Play

    The TED application allows users to watch their favorite TED talks from anywhere! Users are able to sync their videos across all of their devices, receive recommendations based on their interests and listen to TED podcasts on the go.

  5. Evernote | App Store | Google Play

    Evernote is a simple note taking application that works on any device. In addition to text based notes, users are able to add reminders, record audio, sketch, add photos, scan documents and more! Evernote is a great, straight forward way to capture new knowledge and a perfect tool for all students.

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