Working from home can be challenging for parents and students alike. It is easy to relax, which can be beneficial, however it is easy to get carried away with how much relaxation is possible. With plenty of things available to occupy your time on your days off, it is important for students to dedicate some of that time to extracurricular actives that can benefit them in their academic careers.

At MathClinic-plus Tutoring Group, we have compiled a short list of extracurricular activities to help students get the most out of their off days. It is important to find activities that will provide long term benefits for students.

  1. Try to Stay Physically Active

    For those who are unable to leave their homes due to COVID-19 restrictions, staying physically active is still possible at home with minimal equipment.  Physical activity has been proven to increase cognitive function, as shown by this CDC study. Taking short breaks to walk around, do yoga or stretch during the day is important and recommended if you are sitting for extended periods of time during your off days. Following online exercise routines can often be beneficial and can be found for free. These routines often require minimal or no equipment making them accessible for all!

  2. Start an Art Project

    Having a creative outlet is a great way to reduce stress on your off days while still engaging in stimulating cognitive activity. This can include starting small crafts such as knitting, embroidery, painting and more! Find out what creative outlet suits you best and try to learn by creating what inspires you.

  3. Watch Educational TV Programs or Documentaries

    Documentaries and educational TV series can often be a great way to absorb information in an entertaining way. Streaming services have a wide variety of this type of media making it easy for viewers to find programs that are relevant to their interests. Documentaries and TV programs based around educational topics are a great visual way to obtain new information and keep your brain active on your off days.

  4. Listen to Audio Books

    Audio Books are a great way to absorb literature in a way that does not involve reading. While it is not exactly the same as reading, it does offer many of the benefits of reading literature. Audio Books allow the listener to analyze literature in the same way a reader would in order to uncover various literary devices, making it a great alternative. For a list of our favorite literary devices, read our previous blog entry here!

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