As we enter a new lockdown and face rising COVID-19 cases in Ontario, many students are having issues staying focused on their academic pursuits. With the lack of opportunities to play sports, interact with friends in person or to do extracurricular activities in general outside of one’s household, many are struggling to stay focused.

With a lot of uncertainty surrounding when this lockdown will end and when normality will resume, it is understandable that many are facing mental health changes. We have made a short list of ideas for maintaining our health while in a lockdown. While the list is not a substitute for professional mental health help, it may offer some tips that can allow students improve theirs in small increments.

3 Quick Tips for Our Mental Health

  1. Set Routines for Yourself

    With the freedom students face at home, it is easy to feel lost or aimless, which can reduce productivity. It is good to set a few goals for yourself every day, no matter how small. Setting small goals such as “clean my room” or “finish assignment A” and working to achieving them can help you feel a sense of accomplishment and boost your overall morale while stuck at home.

  2. Take Care of Your Physical Health

    When stuck at home and unable to access gyms, many previously active students may feel dormant. Studies presented by the CDC have shown that students engaging in physically active activities have better cognitive performance. There are many health benefits related to staying physically active as well as mental health benefits. If your ability to focus on schoolwork is not hindered by the pandemic, it is still important to stay physically active when possible; remaining physically active is also not correlated with grade losses! Staying active can include going for walks/runs when possible, utilizing any home workout equipment you may have, or following pre-recorded/live workout sessions on the internet.

  3. Try to Stay Connected with Others

    Socializing during a lockdown is very important for our mental health. When possible, try to connect with friends using any tools available at your disposal. For a list of our favorite collaboration tools, please see our previous blog entry. There are plenty of online communities you can also engage in if you are looking for new forms of socialization pertaining to specific interests, such as on forums, Reddit, Discord servers or on Slack.

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