With the second lockdown effective in Ontario during the COVID-19 Pandemic, many students and professionals are turning back to E-learning for their academic endeavours. While some may not embrace this idea, there are many benefits of learning remotely rather than in person.

With certain schools and organizations turning to mandatory E-learning for their curriculums for health and safety reasons, we have compiled a list of a few of the benefits E-learning provides. Here are a few reasons to embrace E-learning.

Why You Should Embrace E-Learning

  1. It Saves Time

    Learning online saves time in comparison to learning in person. Much of the time savings gained through E-learning comes from the disappearance of the learner’s commute. Students who usually spent hours a week commuting now have this time to do other things, such as study, sleep or to enjoy other recreational activities.

  2. Lower Cost of Learning

    With learning being entirely online for some, this can result in lower overall costs for education. If tuition itself does not decrease, costs surrounding education can. For example, students who usually commute to their learning institution will no longer face any costs associated with their commute. This can include public transit fees, car fees such as maintenance, gas, parking or insurance and potentially food costs for those buying outside food while on campus/at school.

  3. You are Able to Learn in a Familiar Environment

    Learning from home also presents a few comfort benefits. Students are able to learn and study in an environment they are comfortable with – one that also gives them the flexibility to learn from any corner of their living space. Another benefit is that there is often no dress code at home! A relaxed and comfortable environment can reduce stress for some.

  4. Learning Online may Unintentionally Improve Your Computer Skills

    Learning online forces students to utilize technology in order to attend lectures and work on/submit homework. By doing this, students may inadvertently attain new technical skills, whether it be browser troubleshooting or video recording/editing.

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