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For students who find it not convenient to travel all the way to our centre, our tutors can come to your home. Our tutors’ schedules are flexible that they can tutor at your home right after you finish your school or after you finish your dinner.


There are sometimes more distractions at home, and students could concentrate better when working with our tutors in our centres. We have two tutoring centres, one located in North York and one in Richmond Hill.

1-on-1 Tutoring

For 1-on-1 private tutoring, the tutor can focus on looking after one student at one time. Private tutoring is the most effective way and is usually intended for students who have been struggling in schools and need more attentive support.

Small Group Tutoring

Small group tutoring is a less costly and is particularly suitable for students who does not enjoy the school subjects possibly due to unpleasant learning experience in the past.

Welcome to MathClinic-plus Tutoring Group

MathClinic-plus Tutoring Group is comprised of a group of enthusiastic and professional tutors. We dedicate ourselves to provide the most effective tutoring services to elementary school, high school and university students.


When you think about math what comes to your mind first? Addition? Subtraction? Circumferences? Parabolas? You would be correct if you said that! But math is more than thinking in fixed definitions. Math is a cohesive subject where logic, quantity, shapes, and arrangements all come together to help us solve problems on both large and small scales. Math is not isolated! Math is all around us. The beauty of math is that it can help us find solutions to problems using integrated topics. That is why math generally has no one accepted definition. Topics such as quantity, structure, space, and change, can all have independent problems and solutions, or they can all be combined to figure out very complex problems. The allure of math is that, it is one of the main fabrics of society that helps us understand our place in the world and universe.

Accounting Work


Have you ever wondered how we can measure the speed of a train or car? Have you ever wondered about the trajectory needed for planes to take off into the air? Physics can help us solve all these questions. Physics is unique that it allows us to understand complex problems using natural properties of the earth. Topics such as: matter, energy, mechanics, heat, light, radiation, sound, electricity, magnetism, and the structure of an atom, are natural properties of the earth that we have manipulated into understanding how the world works. The beauty of physics is that we have combined all aspects of topics in the field to help improve our way of life. By experimenting and observing the interaction between matter, energy, and motion, we have partially discovered our place in the world and universe, yet, there is so much more to come!

Physics Tutoring at MathClinic-plus


If you have ever wondered how your toothpaste freshens and cleans your mouth, or how your medication makes you feel better, or how fireworks and explosions work, then you have probably been thinking about the chemistry behind those processes. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, “chemistry is the composition, structure, and properties of substances and with the transformations that they undergo.” When you cook, knowing chemistry allows you to understand how food actually changes as it heats up, it can also explain how food goes bad, how ingredients mix together to give certain taste, and how your body will absorb it for nutrients. Chemistry can help us understand the dangers (e.g. poisons, pollutants) and benefits of certain cleaning products (e.g. laundry detergent, soap, bleach). Furthermore, chemistry allows us to understand how our presence on this earth affects the environment. Is there too much carbon dioxide emitted in the atmosphere? Are our oceans getting more polluted by ineffectual sewage disposal? Chemistry shows us these discussions on both micro and macro levels.

Chemistry at MathClinic-plus


Biology is the study of living organisms and encompasses an array of different fields. If we consider ecology, evolution, human biology, immunology, disease, we would only be scratching the surface of the depths of biology.

Due to its depth of content, biology is difficult to master. The terms, processes, and pathways can be so complex that it is overwhelming to completely understand alone. Here at MathClinic-plus, we have tutors who have studied biology beyond the high school and undergraduate curriculum. These tutors will help your children understand the depths of these topics and push them to fully realize their potential as biology experts!

Biology at MathClinic-plus Tutoring Group


If you have ever thought that accounting is about the tracking of money coming in and out, you would be right, at its fundamental level. However, accounting can be described more eloquently as the language of business. You see, accounting communicates a plethora of information between employees, owners, managers, and investors to help understand how a company is doing. So, essentially, accounting tells a story to help understand a businesses financial state. In order to make decisions to better help organizations, accounting reveals financial information in transparent ways to help those invested in the company make the best decisions as possible.

What do you think about when you hear finance? Risk? Gain? Loss? Well, finance involves all those things and more. More eloquently, finance can be described as “the science of money management,” because it looks at how money, investments, and financial instruments operate. Furthermore, finance involves the dispersion of assets and liabilities over a period of time, with risk and uncertainty mixed in with it.

Economics is about supply and demand at its basic core. But more eloquently, economics can be described, according to Investopedia as, “the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services. It studies how individuals, businesses, governments and nations make choices on allocating resources to satisfy their wants and needs, and tries to determine how these groups should organize and coordinate efforts to achieve maximum output.” Economics at its core is so integral to our society because it allows us to understand the ebb and flow of items in our society which for the most part affects everyone. Hence, that is why economics is broken down into two forms, macroeconomics and microeconomics, so as to help understand specifics of situations in either small form or large forms to properly prescribe the right solutions.

Our business tutors and courses are available all across Toronto, including North York, Markham and Richmond Hill. Contact us and we will select the most suitable economics tutoring for you!

Business Student Working 2


Many of us speak English every single day. From telephone calls to Snapchats to emails, we are either writing, reading or speaking English. So why is it so hard for us to compose essays? To analyze the long text passages?

Understanding the English language goes beyond the surface of the content of a novel, play or piece of literature. It focuses on the literary devices the authors use, the references they make, and the way their writing causes you to think.

Shakespeare, Hemingway, and Salinger are examples of some of the most popular authors of all time. Understanding their writing takes time, effort, and sometimes, a guide. Here at MathClinic-plus, we offer high-quality tutoring in these and many more authors. We will guide your child to think as they write and critically analyze pieces of literature.

English Tutoring at MathClinic-plus
Custom-Tailored Tutoring

Custom-Tailored Tutoring

Our experienced tutors will custom tailor the tutorials to address the needs of our students.

Making Tutoring Fun

Making Tutoring Fun

We believe that if the students fully understand the concepts taught by our tutors, they will find tutoring with us in the tutorial.

Exam Taking Skills

Exam Taking Skills

Our tutors will teach the techniques as to how to get correct exam answers faster than their classmates in day-school.

Experience Counts

Experience Counts

We have helped many students improve from a failing grade to having a final score of over 80%.

See what our students say about our tutors across GTA!

Francis sincerely devotes his time towards his students to lead them to success. If I was stumped on any question, I was able to contact him outside of our tutoring sessions and he would always reply with help. Therefore, MathClinic-plus Tutoring is definitely a perfect, reliable choice for molding me into the achieving student I am today.

Vivian T

North York, 2017

During my time at the MathClinic-plus Tutoring I had the pleasure of being tutored by Francis Tsui. I cannot describe the amount of effort Francis used in order to help me to understand concepts that I thought were well beyond my reach. What makes Francis stand out to me is that fact that no problem is too big or too small to ask him. The most complicated questions became the easiest when he tutored me.

Hao Y.

Toronto, 2017

Thank you MathClinic-plus Tutoring. I was a student back in 2006. I came here as a new immigrant who barely speak a single word of English. I was getting 45 in my grade 11 math course when I first came here. I didn’t think it was even remotely possible that I would pass.  I end up getting 86 in that course.

Melissa T.

Richmond Hill, 2012

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MathClinic-plus Tutoring Group is comprised of a group of enthusiastic and professional tutors. We are dedicated to providing the most effective tutoring services to elementary school, high school and university students.


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