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Contact MathClinic for Math and Science Tutoring at

Contact MathClinic for Math and Science lessons at

We are looking for PART TIME tutors/instructors for Grade 9 to Grade 12. We are looking for passionate, energetic individuals with an appetite to learn. Recent Graduates are welcome to apply. We also welcome current university students with good academic standing.

Applicants for tutors should possess the following qualities:

- Excellent command of English and good communication skills.
- Familiar with Ontario elementary and/or high school mathematics and/or science curricula.
- Exceptional Math and/or science knowledge usually demonstrated by the grades of the past mathematics and/or science courses completed at the high school and university level.
- A warm and enthusiastic personality that could motivate students to learn
- An undergraduate degree in mathematics, science or related disciplines is an asset but not essential.
- Should have access to a car unless tutors are strictly tutoring in Downtown areas.


If you are interested in the job posting, please send your resume and cover letter to us at

Please note that:

- Priority will be given to applicants that can tutor up to Grade 12 as 70% of our students are Grade 10 or above.
- Priority will be given to applicants with a well written Cover Letter
- University students in their last 2 years of undergraduate programs are welcome to apply and preference will be given to those in the engineering, computer science or science programs.

If you have any inquiry regarding the job posting or have any other general inquiries please email us at


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